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How Much Does a Pulmonary Function Test Cost?

Facing a recommendation for a pulmonary function test (PFT) can be concerning, and the potential cost might add to your anxiety. Ever wondered how much a pulmonary function test might set you back?While the exact cost can vary, understanding the factors at play empowers you to navigate the financial aspects of this important test.

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how much does a pulmonary function test cost

Pulmonary Function Test Cost Without Insurance

The price range for a PFT can differ significantly, with outpatient clinics often offering lower prices (around $150 to $500) compared to hospital settings, where costs can escalate beyond $1,000. These figures serve as a general guide, so individual experiences may vary.

The Price Variables: What Affects PFT Costs?

The cost of a PFT can vary widely due to factors including:

  • Test Complexity: More in-depth tests generally come with higher price tags.
  • Location: Expect variations in costs between cities and rural areas.
  • Facility Type: Hospital-based tests may cost more than those conducted in outpatient clinics.
  • Additional Procedures: Accompanying tests can add to the overall expense.

Pulmonary Function Test Cost With Insurance

With insurance, the out-of-pocket cost for a pulmonary function test can range from $25 to $150 on average.

The key factors that impact the cost with insurance are:

  • Deductible: You may need to meet your annual deductible before insurance covers the test.
  • Copay: Your plan may require a copay, such as $25-$50, for the test.
  • Coinsurance: After the deductible, you may owe a percentage of the cost, like 10-20%.
  • In-network vs out-of-network: Using an in-network provider can significantly reduce your costs.

For example, if the total cost of the test is $300, with a $50 copay and 20% coinsurance, your out-of-pocket cost would be around $110 ($50 copay + 20% of $250).

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to check with your insurance provider about your specific plan details and coverage for pulmonary function testing. This can help you anticipate your final out-of-pocket expenses.

Mitigating PFT Expenses: Practical Tips

To manage the costs associated with PFTs, consider the following strategies:

  • Doctor Dialogue: Discuss with your physician any cost-effective alternative testing methods.
  • Price Comparison: Research and compare prices from different providers in your vicinity.
  • Payment Plans: Ask about installment options to spread out the expense.
  • Assistance Programs: Investigate if there are any available financial aid options for healthcare costs.

Beyond the Cost: The Intrinsic Value of PFTs

While the expense is a significant factor, the value of a PFT in detecting and managing lung health cannot be overstated. Timely diagnosis and treatment facilitated by a PFT can lead to improved health outcomes and potentially reduce long-term healthcare costs.


Arming yourself with knowledge about pulmonary function tests enables you to make informed healthcare decisions. By understanding the factors influencing costs and exploring ways to manage expenses, you can prioritize your lung health without undue financial strain.

Have you undergone a PFT or navigated healthcare costs for respiratory issues? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below, fostering a community of informed and supportive individuals facing similar challenges.