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Dr. Deepika Bajaj MD

Pediatric Neurologist, Neurologist

Dr Deepika Bajaj

About me

Deepika Bajaj, MD, is a dedicated and detail-oriented neurologist specializing in pediatric neurology. With locations in Brooklyn and Elmhurst, NY, Dr. Bajaj brings extensive expertise and a compassionate approach to her practice.

Dr. Bajaj earned her medical degree from the College of Medical Sciences in Varanasi and has since pursued multiple residencies in the United States. She completed residencies at the College of Medicine and Dentistry, the V.A. Medical Center, and Downstate Medical Center.

Certified in thermography and clinical neurology, Dr. Bajaj holds licenses in New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. She offers a comprehensive range of services, including pain management, EMG, EEG, injections, and Botox. Her expertise extends to neurology consultations for various movement disorders, concussions, vertigo, sleep problems, hearing problems, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, head injuries, herniated discs, sciatica, neck deformations, transcranial doppler, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Bajaj is affiliated with prestigious organizations such as the American Society of Neurology, Beth Israel Medical Center, and the Alan & Barbara Mirken Department of Neurology.

Dr. Bajaj speaks English, Spanish, Hindi & Romanian. With her commitment to patient care and ongoing professional development, Dr. Bajaj is dedicated to providing the highest standard of neurological care to her patients.