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Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Patient Care

Holistic medicine is changing the way that doctors interact with patients for the better.

So, what is holistic medicine, and why is it important?

The word “holistic” means “dealing with the whole of something”. So, to take a holistic approach to medicine means to treat the whole person not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.

Let’s say, a patient comes in with a stomach ache, a holistic treatment plan would not only include relief from the pain, but also seek to address any underlying causes. What’s the patient’s diet like? Could stress be a factor? In this way, holistic medicine is focused on both treatment and prevention.

Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Patient Care

What is a holistic medicine doctor?

A Holistic Medicine Doctor is a physician who considers a patient’s mind, body, and spirit to improve their health and wellness. They are focused on prevention first, and then on treatment.

Any doctor with a medical degree can practice holistic medicine, but not everyone who practices holistic medicine is a board-certified physician. Some holistic practitioners may call themselves “Doctor” but they are not actually licensed to practice traditional medicine.

At Atlantic Endocrinology & Diabetes Center our doctors are also holistic practitioners. By integrating conventional medical training with holistic treatments, they are able to provide care that is truly comprehensive for their patients.


The Mind-Body Connection: Treating the Whole You

At the heart of holistic medicine is the idea of the mind-body connection. Essentially, it means that thoughts and feelings can positively or negatively affect our physical health.

Most of the medical advice we receive is focused on the body—eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep. But even if you do all of these things right, stress, anxiety, and depression can still have negative effects on your health. It also works the other way around—a poor physical state can have negative effects on your mental health, too.

A holistic doctor takes this complex relationship between mind and body into account to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for their patients.


Benefits of a Holistic Approach

When physicians apply a holistic approach to their daily practice, there are a number of benefits for both patients and doctors alike.

Holistic medicine considers all the elements of a patient’s health, not just their physical symptoms. This helps our doctors at Atlantic Endocrinology & Diabetes Center to make more personalized recommendations.

Our holistic doctors take an empathetic approach to care and treat patients as individuals, not just a list of symptoms on a clipboard. This philosophy helps to create a patient-doctor relationship based on trust.

Patient Empowerment. The holistic approach to care empowers patients to take control of their own health and wellness. Everyone knows they should eat healthier and exercise more, but actually committing to a wellness plan is difficult. Holistic doctors understand this. Instead of listing recommendations, they include the patient in the conversation to find out what lifestyle changes work best for them.


Many people are good candidates for holistic medicine. In our office in NYC, we conduct a thorough consultation and initial examination for each person who visits. It is our intent to ensure that the diagnostic and treatment modalities we offer meet the needs of each individual seeking to improve their health and quality of life.

If you’re curious about holistic medicine, contact our office to discuss your needs and goals.