Atlantic Endocrinology New York City

Laboratory Services


At Atlantic Endocrinology & Diabetes Center, we offer our patients a wide range of services from chemistry analysis of blood and urine, complete endocrine analysis, hematology analysis for blood cell disorders to vitamin D and parathyroid analysis.
Services provided:


Laboratory Services in our clinic are dedicated to the collection of specimens for Atlantic Endocrinology & Diabetes Center patients.

Services include blood collection; provision of containers for urine, sputum and stool samples; blood glucose and pH testing; tuberculin testing; bleeding times; and sweat and breath collection.


The Specimen Collection Facility provides patient instruction for self-collection of multiple specimen types as well as processing support for the Department of Laboratory Medicine.


Central Processing receives, triages, and processes all blood and body fluid specimens.


Clinical Laboratories are a group of laboratories dedicated to the provision of rapid laboratory testing for Atlantic Endocrinology & Diabetes Center patients. The laboratories perform a limited menu of tests in a 15- to 45-minute time frame; these tests include blood gases, electrolytes, blood cell counts, coagulation times, cardiac markers and simple urinalysis. The Point of Care Testing program is managed through our laboratories.

The aim of our Laboratory Service and tests is to provide accurate and correct results, through the application of a quality assurance system as the quality control programs evaluate the validity of the results.

Quality standards in our medical laboratories:

• Get accurate analysis results.
• The patient is satisfied with the services provided by the laboratory.
• Follow the safety and prevention standards, especially in the Department of Hematology, in order to prevent the transmission of diseases to workers, and patients who conduct medical tests.
• Cleanliness of the laboratory and the use of medical gloves, especially when drawing blood samples from patients.
• Label on each sample, bearing the patient’s name, type of sample, and examination to be performed.
• Use correct scientific methods in conducting analyses.


Laboratory services are a vital tool to help your doctor make the right diagnosis. Lab tests also help determine whether you have adequate nutrients to fuel your body, as well as quantify the health of your blood and other fluids to help your body stay healthy.

You may have experienced a need for laboratory testing, only to find out that it was necessary to travel to a different facility to get the testing. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a “one-stop shop” where you could visit your physician and get the necessary lab work done, all in the same place?

Well, now you can do it all without having to drive all over town! The doctors here at Atlantic Endocrinology & Diabetes Center offer a full range of laboratory testing in-house, including:

• Rapid strep testing: to determine within a few minutes if you have strep throat, so you can get started on antibiotics quickly.

• Rapid flu testing: to determine if you are suffering from the flu, so your doctor can start you on a regimen to help you feel better.

• Glucose testing: to determine your blood sugar level, so you can get started on a medically supervised program to monitor and control your diabetes symptoms.

• Pregnancy testing: to determine if you are pregnant, so you can take advantage of prenatal care to ensure you and your baby stay healthy.

Other lab testing includes urinalysis, mono testing, urine drug testing, and fecal occult blood testing.

When you take advantage of the Atlantic Endocrinology & Diabetes Center house laboratory services, the doctor will let you know about your lab results through the secure patient portal.